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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Ford's new European design philosophy has been complemented on GCBC before, even in the most recent Auto Olympic showdown. The new Kuga is a rather handsome addition to the fold. It ain't pretty or delicate or especially beautiful. It's attention-grabbing, worth-a-second-glance stuff.

Strong proportions, aggressive front fascia, but nothing too OTT. Remember the Iosis-x concept? Well, the Kuga took its
inspiration and character from that outrageous (and awesome) forerunner.

The Kuga will likely be a pleasure to drive, as well. Based on the European Focus - the one we North Americans don't see - Ford's somewhat unclassifiable crossover will almost surely steer and handle with aplomb. Those big wheels could hinder the ride, however.

Powering the debut car at the Frankfurt show will be a small diesel, 2.0L with 136 bhp and substantially more than 200 lb-ft of torque.

The good news for Ford of Europe? The Kuga is desirable. It looks more expensive than it truly is, drives more pleasantly than it should, and has trusted underpinnings.

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